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Michelle [userpic]
'Friends Only'

Comment to be added - if we have common interests I'll most likely add you. I'm not elitist or anything. ;O)

If you're looking for my icons it's mag_rat you're after. I don't post any here, so if you're not interested in me *sniff* that's where you want to go. Hehe!

I'm mod of firth_stills , dg_stills , hex_stills , beauty_stills , and hero_stills (phew!)! Go join, now... please! :O)

Below you'll find some old entries, prior to going 'friends only' by default (but there were many then that were 'friends only' too), basically because I'm just too lazy to go back and edit them right now. Meh.
FO Banner made by me, and is shareable with credit so others can find it. FO Banner on my userinfo page is not shareable, as it's my kitty, and it wouldn't feel right...

Michelle [userpic]

All comments from non-friends temporarily disabled!

There are just too many mindless idiots out there who think it's funny to post spoilers. Thanks for being so Crabbe and Goyle like, but I am able to read for myself.

Michelle [userpic]
Getting to know me all over again...
Quiz seen all over my flist - says lots about me, maybe.Collapse )
I am: about to go out about to go out

Michelle [userpic]

From a random person on LJ...

Six words:

Don't you think Bush looks tired?

(If you get this, pass it on.)

'Blair' works equally well here too...

Michelle [userpic]
As frit asked...
Here are the Joss icons!Collapse )

I am: dreamy dreamy

Michelle [userpic]

Okay - I'm back with some more Colin icons. Still learning, so still be nice! :O)

Once again, comment, credit, no hotlinking (please please please), etc.

here we goCollapse )


Oh - my views on today's election... tonight. Must get back to work.
I am: okay okay

Michelle [userpic]
Another couple I made...
I'm going to do a proper update tomorrow (promise!), but I didn't have much time this evening...

However, I made a few more icons, the Jane Goldman ones for Rob:

01//       02// (hmm - text badly placed on that one - will change tomorrow)

And a Colin one - but I'm not so sure about this - it seems a bit grainy:


Now I'm off to cuddle up with the kitties before bed. :O)
I am: calm calm

Michelle [userpic]
I made some icons!
I'm only a beginner, so I want opinions - but be GENTLE with me! :O)

I started off with only 3 base pics, and have made 13 icons...

Again - be nice - I'm still learning! Yesterday Rob got me a Photoshop book (and I'm looking for PSP/AS too) so I can figure it out properly, but I've yet to read it! Heh!

Many behind the cut.Collapse )

Soooo... here they are. Other than the two icons I made a few months back, these are my first real attempts.  I hope you like them!

Textless icons are not bases, Comment/Credit/"Hotlink and die!", yadda yadda. :O)

x-posted to janegoldman
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Michelle [userpic]
From slytherinjenn
I'm a day late for this but...

© show some heart ©

Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.

Monday, March 1, 2004 is SI Awareness Day.
I am: thankful thankful

Michelle [userpic]

I just don't know what to do anymore.

I'm going to have a bath. Minus cat this time.

That is all.

Now, wasn't reading that worth a few seconds of your time?
I am: melancholy melancholy

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